Similar Cases

Similar to Anthony, these stories tell of the unconditional love these fathers have for their daughters and their enduring fights for them.

Read Robert (Rob) Manzanares’ story here Illegal Adoptions in Utah. He is the biological father to baby Kaia Byington who was illegally adopted in the state of Utah without his consent, in violation of a Colorado Paternity Action. .

John Wyatt’s story here Baby Emma Wyatt. John, who reside in Virginia, is the biological father to little Emma Wyatt (who was conceived and born in Virginia) who was illegally adopted across state lines to a couple in Utah.

Read Terry Achane’s story here Support Terry Achane. Terry, who resides in South Carolina, is the biological father to baby Taleah who was also illegally adopted across state lines to Utah.

Read more about Michael (Mike) Marek’s story here ABC News Interview. He fights for his little girl as well. This illegal adoption transpired in California, just as Anthony’s – ironically, not far from Placer County.

Are you seeing a pattern here yet? The states of Utah and California seem to be hotbeds for illegal adoptions.

5 responses to “Similar Cases

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  2. Just saw Mike’s story and wanted to cry!! Why can’t adoptive parents see the love the bio fathers have for their children and say…this child does not belong to us, she/he belongs to her/his father. Then give her/him back and find a child that does NOT have anyone and become that child’s forever parents

    • Hi Anna! Thanks for commenting and YES, I agree. You can just tell that the hurt and pain that Mike and others in his situation are experiencing is real. They really truly do care about their children and it is so sad they are being deprived of that parental relationship. That same thought has crossed my mind countless times. There are thousands of adoptable kids out there that are waiting for a good and loving home. I’ve just concluded that some people are just morally bankrupt. But then again, they wouldn’t get far if the laws were applied as they are intended.

  3. I believe the reason why parents go through with illegal adoptions is because they don’t want a kid or a teenager. They want a baby! That’s why there are so many kids in foster homes, yet long waiting lists for infants. These adoptive parents do not care about kids needing homes, or they would very easily be able to adopt a child or teenager in the system! All they care about is what THEY want to be happy and unfortunately this usually requires an infant. I do realize not all adoptive parents think like this. Hats off to all the REAL adoptive parents and REAL fathers around the world!

    • Hi Michelle! You have definitely brought an insightful perspective to this and you’re probably right too. That’s not to say that there aren’t adoptable babies out there. We know that adoption can be a beautiful thing, when all parties are in agreemen. But we are seeing a frightening increase in instances such as Anthony’s case (and other similar cases) in which the babies involved are NOT adoptable. I commend these guys for fighting for the right to be fathers to their children!

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