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Blogger - Sansannah JacksonI became involved in family court reform shortly after my own personal experience in Sacramento County’s Family Court Services in 2011. The experience left me disenchanted and after further research, I quickly concluded that unfortunately, I was not alone. California’s Family Court system had gone rogue.

I decided to channel my energy into something positive and began participating in various activities (e.g. marches, petitions, letter writing, etc.) in hopes of prompting change in the family court system. It was during one of these activities that I connected with Anthony Lingle, Hailey’s biological father.

Being the analytical thinker that I am, when I initially heard Anthony’s story, I was taken aback. I thought, “there’s got to be something this guy’s not telling me”. So, I did my own investigative research and confirmed every detail of this case (as much of it is public record). I wondered how something like this could happen in America.

I am heartbroken for Anthony and for Hailey. Ultimately, she is being deprived of the loving biological father she so rightly deserves.

This blog was created to inform the general public of Anthony’s plight and to garner as much support as possible for him.

Your support of this important cause is greatly appreciated!


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