April 12, 2011:

At hearing father, contends the court needed to reexamine its finding that father was an unfit parent. He pointed out both in his post-trial briefing and argument that §7807 stated that in a determination of parental rights, the court should not rely on §3041.

May 2011:

Visitation ceases; any attempts at contact with his daughter are rebuffed.

June 2011:

Father appeals to the 3rd District Court of Appeals to reverse the termination proceedings.

July 20, 2011:

The final ruling comes in that again found father to be a “Kelsey S.” father, citing his participation, as far as the mother would allow, in prenatal care, his attempt to marry mother, their living together a short time, and father‘s seeking a determination of paternity and DNA testing. Yet, they also agree with the ruling that the father is “unfit” and the court orders father‘s parental rights terminated.

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