Placer County

Adoption Petition

Case No. S-AD-0002534¹ is filed by the prospective adoptive parents on January 8, 2010. The request is to terminate Anthony’s parental rights and to adopt Hailey. These motions were filed, despite the fact that there was already a pending motion in Sacramento County (which was the appropriate jurisdiction). Unfortunately, the controversial judge handling Anthony’s motion in Sacramento County agreed to transfer his motion to Placer County, a move that would later prove disastrous.

Guardianship Petition

The failed adoptive mother changes her strategy and files Case No. S-PR-0006572² on April 30, 2012, six (6) days after the appellate court decisionthis time for guardianship of Hailey.

Because this is a Guardianship case, all documents are made public. I have obtained the following filed documents in the case and more will be updated as they become available.

¹By law, adoption records are not public record. However, the published opinion from the Court of Appeals contains trial court information regarding the failed adoption.
² Search by last name Rost, Lingle or Gallup to filter to case.

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