Q: “Who would continue in an adoption or guardianship knowing the father does not consent?”
A: Well…I’ll just call a spade a spade. My opinion, based on the facts in this case as I see them is that this is an individual who is nothing short of a morally bankrupt narcissist who will stop at nothing to get her way, which is to ultimately adopt Hailey. It is an individual who has become fixated on keeping something that does not rightly belong to her.

Sadly, she does not see Hailey as a beautiful little girl who is bonded to her biological father (despite her best efforts to thwart those feelings of affection) but as a possession she is hell-bent on keeping regardless of the collateral damage to all involved (her marriage, her relationships with her family/parents, financial and emotional toll to both parties, and most of all, the unnecessary emotional trauma to Hailey).

My quick and dirty answer to the question of “Who does that?” it’s simple – a selfish, immoral and unethical individual does such a thing.


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