Current Events

January 2013

This should be the end of this story. The Court of Appeals reinstated this Father’s paternal rights to his child and decreed that he was her legal father. The adoption was not finalized and Hailey was not free for adoption.

However, as we often see in contested adoption custody battles, the failed adoptive parents do not honor the judgment of courts and in some instances, the court’s decisions are not honored by other members of the court. We begin to see a complete travesty of justice and abuse of a father’s rights.

Guardianship Petition – Gaining Rights of Possession to an Unrelated Child

As you read the continued saga of this custody case, consider this: What if your child’s baby sitter kept your child? What if your kid went to a friend’s house for the weekend and then they decided to keep your kid and filed for guardianship? Would you be willing to share your child “like as in a divorce” just because someone else wanted him or her?

What if you had to concede to what you knew to be wrong, if that was the only way you could ever be in your child’s life again? What if the only measure we had to determine who got to care of a child was determined on possession? Definitely food for thought. Truthfully, all of us parents are at risk if this is how the law is applied across the board!

So for now, the sage continues.

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