A Message from Hailey’s Paternal Grandma

I have not spoken directly with Mrs. Fleenor, Hailey’s paternal grandmother, but ran across her post on a social media site and thought I would share. The message brought tears to my eyes. The assertion made by the prospective guardian in her petition for guardianship – specifically that the paternal grandparents, etc. could not be located for notification of the pending action was obviously a lie.

Elaine Fleenor

I am Hailey’s grandma and Anthony’s mom. I don’t use FB very much but this horrible situation has prompted me to make a comment.I am thoroughly heartbroken; my grandchild was abducted at birth and our family has had to struggle daily with the
ramifications of this unconscionable act. I held Hailey once as an
infant; two hours of visitation didn’t allow for anything more. My
late husband died thinking he had a granddaughter soon to be
welcomed into our family. How are we to make up for the 3+
years that I and the rest of Hailey’s familey have lost ? How can the
court continue to sit back and let this travesty continue ? Why do they keep on ignoring the appeals court decision ? I don’t want to pass on without knowing that Hailey’s is safely in the family fold.

Our family, all of us, loves Hailey. She has to know us and love us back.

I think it is wrong to deprive Hailey of a relationship with her biological family. Not only is Anthony being hurt by the petitioner’s actions, but obviously the rest of the family is suffering as well. I find it reprehensable that anyone would intentionally inflict this type of emotional pain on another human being.

It truly speaks to the moral character of this individual — obviously she has none. SMH


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