Respondent’s Attorney Answer’s back, “Serena Williams” style

During last week’s blog posting I discussed the prospective guardian’s petition in detail. I was able to obtain and review the Points & Authorities in Support of Petitioner that was filed approximately one week after the original filing. You have got to take a look at this document before you go any further. Besides the obvious bull the petitioner and her counsel continue to feed the Court, in Section C, out of the blue counsel states:

“…Should father request court-appointed counsel in these guardianship proceedings, his request should be denied as his loss of liberty is not being threatened in this case.”

Uhm, wait a minute…REWIND. Where did that come from? It’s as though counsel and her client assumed Anthony had no legal representation. Counsel and her client would find out the hard way exactly what happens when you assume things. And boy did they. Take a look at Anthony’s attorney’s response to the bafoolery here.
I know one thing. They weren’t expecting that Serena Williams-style power serve Anthony’s attorney blasted them with. I’m almost embarrassed for the girl. SMH

Bottom line is, petitioner and her counsel thought they would waltz into Probate Court and waltz right out with Hailey. If they haven’t figured it out by now, this is not going to be an “easy win” as they first assumed. In fact, if the Courts apply the law as it should, it won’t be a win at all (at least not for petitioner).

I commend Anthony for his courage to continue fighting for his daughter and I am encouraged by the aggressiveness displayed by his counsel.

I dedicate this song by Sam Cooke to Anthony, because contrary to what petitioner’s counsel states, his loss of liberty is being threatened. His basic civil rights as a father and parent are being trampled on. If you think about it, this situation is really no different than what African-Americans endured during the civil rights movement (fighting for the same rights as whites). Well in this case, Anthony is a biological father fighting for the same rights a biological mother has.

Keep up the fight my friend and I promise – a change is gon’ come!


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