Wonderful News for Sgt. Terry Achane

Another case I have been following that is eerily similar to Anthony’s case, is Sgt. Terry Achane (South Carolina) who’s daughter was also adopted out without his consent. Recently, the Appellate Court ruled in his favor, but the decision was immediately appealed by the Prospective Adoptive Parents.

The Prospective Adoptive Parents, the Frei family, notified the Utah Supreme Court yesterday and let them know they are dropping the appeal. The district court’s ruling will remain in place and Teleah will stay with Terry permanently. This means Terry’s fight for his daughter is now over!

This is the statement the Frei family issued:

“After considerable thought and reflection under heart-wrenching circumstances, the Freis have decided not to pursue their appeal of this contested adoption. Although the Freis remain convinced that the district court committed significant legal errors in this case, they believe that it would be best for the child…to drop their appeal now that she has been transferred into the custody of Mr. Achane. The Freis are committed to working with Mr. Achane to assist the child in making a successful transition. Because the Freis love the child deeply and want her to succeed in life, they are willing to put her needs before their own hopes and desires and would rather drop the appeal than risk the child suffering potential psychological and emotional consequences resulting from her either not making a successful transition or transitioning to caregivers multiple times in this critical stage of her development.”

The pessimist in me says the family probably ran out of money to continue their fight (or perhaps the backlash resulting from the media attention finally got to them), but the optimist in me says, perhaps…just perhaps, they had an epiphany  and put their own selfish needs aside to focus on what was best for Teleah, for her to be with her biological dad who loves her dearly.

I can only hope for a similar ending for Anthony and Hailey.








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